The Service for using the archives

The service for professionals (Service d’utillisation des documents in french), was founded in 1833 by  manufacturers from Mulhouse and the surrounding area, in order to document their samples. Over the years the collection has increased, and now boasts over 6 millions samples. Today, as for the last century and a half, this service fulfills the function assigned to it, notably, welcoming textile designers, and industralists from the world over.

It was born from joint thought of textile industrialists and th eMuseum : every year, professionals come to consult the design archives, looking for inspiration. So the idea is to give the access to this unique collection to the majority, while offering complementary services : easy preview, advanced research, reservation and purchase of images

From the 18th century until the 1940’s

From the 18th century until the 1940’s, the S.U.D constitutes a memory of both French and foreign textile history, and it is the foremost collection of it’s kind in the world. From decorative arts of the classical period to Artdeco through Art Nouveau.
This service meets not only the expectating of all professionals of textile creation (fashion,home furnishing, printing, weaving,..), but also those of publishing and communication’s (paper industry, packaging,  advertising…).

The design reservation is exclusive to the museum. The museum cannot promise world-wide exclusivity of its designs but guarantees it’s own internal exclusivity during the period of the reservation. The reservation is for a period of 2 or 4 years, renewable. Prices very according to the category of the design and the period of the reservation.


Visit by appointment only, from tuesday to Friday
For further information and price guidelines please call 33.(0)

Fabric for homefurnishing, wood block print on cotton, Koechlin-Baumgartner & CO, “Indienne” style, Alsace, 1895

 Fabric for homefurnishing, wood block printing on cotton, Alsace, 1888

 Fabric for homefurnishing, Wood block printing on cotton, Alsace, 1870

Original design on paper, Factory Thierry Mieg Alsace, 1860

Original textile design engraved on paper with copper plate, England, by 1770

Home furnishing’s Fabric Art deco, Wood block print on cotton, France, 1930