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From the creation of the industrial Museum of drawings in 1857 by the by all the drawings workshops of Mulhouse city, we combine the creation of the past to use them as a source of inspiration. Heir to this collection, the Museum continues to enrich its collection which is always open to designers, creators and international editors who come to seek inspiration for contemporary production.
With more than 6 millions of motifs, the Museum is today the most important center of textile images in the world. The exhibition  based on a selection of the most emblematic pieces of the patrimonial heritage, invites you to a stroll…a stroll in the textile creations. Through a confrontation of ancient and present creations, from the appearance of the first indian chintz in the West to the present, the whole history of printed motifs is told here.


From Exotic flowers of the palempores, elegant palmettes of a cashmere, picturesque scenes of the Jouy Canvas (Toiles de Jouy), the exuberance of the Second empire prints, the decorative fantasies of Raoul Dufy, the simultaneous fabric of Sonia Delaunay to the most contemporary creations, it is a stroll through the most emblematic motifs of the textile creation over the centuries.

Breaking down the boundaries between different artistic domains, to show the textile heritage in a new light is the ambition formulated by the exhition “Balade”. The Museum chose for this exhibition to evolve between different heritage centers, the textile history and the rich funds for which it is responsible, but also the musical and instrumental heritage, by weaving many bridges between those two inheritances.  


To do this, the Museum has the honor to collaborate with one of the current and most emblematic composers André Manoukian who contributes to the exhibition signing a novel sound universe with the textile works presented. It is therefore to a stroll in music in a textile and exotic world to which the visitor is invited.

In October 2017, André Manoukian and the Museum set the tone for a rich cultural season.

 The exhibition will be an opportunity for the museum to edit a scarf in silk called “Coup de Cśur d’André Manoukian “, “the André Manoukian’s favorite”, (limited edition)





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